AMA Icon Award Falls Flat


Almost a week ago, superstar Rihanna was awarded the first ever American Music Award’s “ICON” award. At first this seemed reasonable and we could all be happy for this diva. On second thought however, I began to wonder what in the world they are basing this award off of. So you’re telling me that Rihanna soared right over Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Jay Z and Britney (just to name a few) to deserve the title? I can’t believe that for one moment! Don’t even get me started on the greats like MJ and Madonna. I’ve been a Rihanna fan since “Pon de Replay” but lets be real, she has only been in the music game now for around 7 years. At just twenty-five years old, she’s surely become a pop superstar. However to be an icon I’m expecting you to have twenty plus years in the industry and the power to move mountains with your talent and performances. I’m sorry Riri but maybe in ten more years you will be up to the “icon” level. An icon should be a legend in the pop music world who’s legacy will last through the test of time and generations.<a


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