Black Thursday Should be Banned


I am a firm believer and supporter of the mass chaos and bargain hunting deals that come with Black Friday. In my family, it’s tradition for my mom and I to wake up at 4 a.m. to brew a cup of joe and do our best to throw on some clothes while we sift through the mountain of store ads on the kitchen table. To me, this is a once in year type of fun! I get to bond with my mom over standing in long wrap around lines outside in the freezing cold and running through the stores to find the exact item that is 90% off the normal price. Black Friday is an adrenaline rush for shoppers around the country. It’s the only time that people wait two weeks outside the local Best Buy just to get a discounted t.v. (This really did happen in Toledo by the way). 

This year however, I was thoroughly disappointed in what turned into Black Thursday. Retail stores opened at either 6 or 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. For crying out loud people this is a day to spend with family and loved ones stuffing turkey in our faces and having ten pieces of pie. I can’t believe that these stores made their employees work during what normally is Thanksgiving dinner. By dinner time, our Walmart was overflowing with people and wrap around lines. The workers had to wear bright yellow vests and they created a makeshift maze of a line with giant products piled up everywhere. Besides taking away from Thanksgiving and family time, this Black Thursday deal takes all of the fun and adrenaline out of waking up in the middle of the night and hunting for deals. It used to be only the serious Black Friday shoppers that had a shot at getting the top sales. This year, any ordinary person who never had participated in Black Friday could just head on over to the store and stand in line. As a Black Friday veteran and enthusiast, this is unsettling. I can only hope that next year stores don’t open at noon on Thanksgiving day. All things considered, Black Thursday should be banned and stores should have to wait until Friday to open their doors. 


AMA Icon Award Falls Flat


Almost a week ago, superstar Rihanna was awarded the first ever American Music Award’s “ICON” award. At first this seemed reasonable and we could all be happy for this diva. On second thought however, I began to wonder what in the world they are basing this award off of. So you’re telling me that Rihanna soared right over Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Jay Z and Britney (just to name a few) to deserve the title? I can’t believe that for one moment! Don’t even get me started on the greats like MJ and Madonna. I’ve been a Rihanna fan since “Pon de Replay” but lets be real, she has only been in the music game now for around 7 years. At just twenty-five years old, she’s surely become a pop superstar. However to be an icon I’m expecting you to have twenty plus years in the industry and the power to move mountains with your talent and performances. I’m sorry Riri but maybe in ten more years you will be up to the “icon” level. An icon should be a legend in the pop music world who’s legacy will last through the test of time and generations.<a

Adam Levine named People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2013

Image. It’s no shock this year that People Magazine’s no. 1 contender for sexiest man alive came through with the title yesterday. This singer/ songwriter and judge on The Voice is an unconventional for the top choice but steamy and sexy nonetheless. Levine is not the typical bronze hunky goddess like the previous Channing Tatum or Matthew Mcconaughey. It’s his raw talent and bad boy image that makes this man deserving of the title. Some say however, that this mega star is a bit too cocky which demotes his sexy level. Does his giant ego make him undeserving of the People’s top pick? I disagree… let’s face it, every girl likes a bad boy. Let’s just hope this sexy man doesn’t let it go to head. (But let’s be honest.. it will.) 

Some of my favorite other contenders for the sexiest man pick include newcomer Ian Somerhalder and of course David Beckham. Icon Justin Timberlake and funny guy Jimmy Falon made the People’s Mag A+ List this year.