Missing Baby Elaina Becomes National News

Missing Baby

A story that I have been following from the begining, a missing baby girl in East Toledo, is now on its thirteenth day. Eighteen month old Elaina Steinfurth went missing from her home on Federal Street last Sunday, June 2 around 2:30 p.m. The next day I got to experience my very first missing person case as a reporter. We spent eight hours in the neighborhood following the FBI as they searched houses, dumpters and abandoned houses. Also we talked to several neighbors and family members who all seemed to think that somebody was hiding something. This quickly turned into something that could be seen on Law and Order, except they solve those mysteries in less than forty-five minutes when you extract commercial.

This entire case seemed a little off. Yesterday the story was picked up by Nancy Grace on HLN.  Last night, June 12, at 10 p.m. the mother of the missing baby was arrested on counts of child endangerment. She then admitted that she passed the baby off to her boyfriend because they had dropped the child causing serious injuries. This morning the Toledo Police Department held a press conference to update the public on the case. As of now little Elaina is still missing. FBI, Toledo Police and community members began their search at the Maumee river last week. At noon today the group called “Justice for Neveah”  (in relation to the missing child Neveah Buchanan case in Monroe, MI) began their own search of the area. The community here still has hope that baby Elaina will be brought home safe.

(*The above post is from my own observations as a reporting intern on this story.)


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