Sometimes Twitter can do what journalism cannot.

I believe there to be some truth to this.


Missing Baby Elaina Becomes National News

Missing Baby

A story that I have been following from the begining, a missing baby girl in East Toledo, is now on its thirteenth day. Eighteen month old Elaina Steinfurth went missing from her home on Federal Street last Sunday, June 2 around 2:30 p.m. The next day I got to experience my very first missing person case as a reporter. We spent eight hours in the neighborhood following the FBI as they searched houses, dumpters and abandoned houses. Also we talked to several neighbors and family members who all seemed to think that somebody was hiding something. This quickly turned into something that could be seen on Law and Order, except they solve those mysteries in less than forty-five minutes when you extract commercial.

This entire case seemed a little off. Yesterday the story was picked up by Nancy Grace on HLN.  Last night, June 12, at 10 p.m. the mother of the missing baby was arrested on counts of child endangerment. She then admitted that she passed the baby off to her boyfriend because they had dropped the child causing serious injuries. This morning the Toledo Police Department held a press conference to update the public on the case. As of now little Elaina is still missing. FBI, Toledo Police and community members began their search at the Maumee river last week. At noon today the group called “Justice for Neveah”  (in relation to the missing child Neveah Buchanan case in Monroe, MI) began their own search of the area. The community here still has hope that baby Elaina will be brought home safe.

(*The above post is from my own observations as a reporting intern on this story.)

End of the Line for Unpaid Internships?


The days of unpaid internships could come to an end soon depending on a Federal Court decision. A judge ruled this week that Fox Searchlight Pictures violated minimum wage and overtime laws by not paying interns who worked on production of their 2010 movie “Black Swan.”

Unpaid internships are a great opportunity for students seeking experience and connections for various career fields. Many students get a foot in the door working as an intern and can gain an upper hand.

I have been lucky enough to gain amazing experiences through my unpaid internships over the past few years. I believe that depending on the internship, most of the time they really pay off. Most broadcast news internships are unpaid so I was always anticipating not earning any money. However Google recently reported that their interns make around $6,000 a month. While that must be nice, I understand that is unrealistic for many employers.

I have mixed feelings about this court decision. On one hand, I would love to get paid for my internship, because who wouldn’t!? You are extremely lucky if you can snag a broadcast internship that pays. That being said, I believe that instead many companies won’t change all of the available internships from unpaid to paid, instead many companies would probably just do away with their internship programs altogether. At my current internship, it is more about them helping me to learn, practice, make connections and further my resume. I feel that this kind of unpaid internship is extremely beneficial and most students wouldn’t mind not getting paid, especially since that is the current norm for similar positions.

There are six stipulations that The Department of Labor is trying to distinguish:
1. The internship should be similar to training and adopt an educational atmosphere
2. Must benefit the intern
3. Intern does not replace regular staff
4. Employer does not gain advantages from the work of the intern, sometimes can be set back.
5. Intern is not guaranteed a job after the internship
6. All parties understand that the intern is not getting paid.

I am curious to see how this decision plays out. Many companies will likely become wary of this legal nightmare in the making. I can only hope that we do not see the demise of many internship opportunities. Hopefully this will be the spark to start some companies on re-vamping their intern programs.

Grab Your Popcorn!


Summertime means I find myself having a little more time to see the latest big screen flix. It must be a coincidence then that the best movies of the year come out full force in the summer months. Well into June, some of the most exciting movies have already come out.

You must be on another planet if you haven’t seen The Great Gatsby because let’s face it, how could anyone resist the charm of Leo? Personally I adored the movie although I must admit I cannot compare it to the book.. seeing as I never read it (shame on me). A few action packed favorites also included Star Trek into Darkness, Iron Man 3, and After Earth. All of which get my two three thumbs up. In other words get your but to the cinema for these chart toppers while you still can.  As for The Hangover 3.. I have heard bad reviews and stashed this on my “Redbox It” list along with Fast and the Furious 933. I have no problem waiting for this DVD.

For a little something different than the saving lives/ hero movie, I highly recommend Now You See Me. This magician based film is full of mystery, magic and will keep you guessing from start to finish. I can see this movie bringing back more of America’s excitement and interest in magic. One movie that didn’t live up to the rest is The Purge. Once the movie begins it is extremely predictable and basically reminds me of the movie The Strangers.

Now there are a few movies this summer to bring out the kid in all of us. I am counting down the days until Pixar’s Monsters University featuring everybody’s favorite Mike Wazowski and Sully in their college years. (I sure hope their undergrad time measure up to mine.. doubtful!) Let’s just say that I will be attending the pre-release screening of this prequal at 10p.m. before the official release date.  The highest grossing non-Pixar, non-Dreamworks animated movie also has a pre-qual this summer. Despicable Me 2 is second on my list of animated, kid movies to see this summer. I’m curious to see how it holds up against Monsters University with their premier date just 2 weeks apart.

A few other movies coming out that are on my list of must-see’s include World War Z, The Lone Ranger, The Wolverine, 2 Guns, and Grown Ups 2. World War Z. two words, Brad Pitt. It also looks like an action packed possible zombie flick, I’m calling it now. The Lone Ranger is the latest Disney movie from the makers of Pirates of the Carribean and it just has to be good. If you’re an X-men fan like me then you have high hopes for The Wolverine! As for 2 Guns, I say anything with Denzel is usually gold, plus who doesn’t like undercover agents and action? 2013 doesn’t seem to be the summer of comedy. The only golden ticket on my list for comedies this summer is Grown Ups 2. I’m sure hoping that this sequal can hold it’s own agains the original Grown Ups and have us all LoL-ing.

Premier Dates:

This is the End- June 12 (today)

The Man of Steel- June 14,

Monsters University, World War Z- June21, 

The Heat, Whitehouse Down -June 28,

Despicable Me 2, The Lone Ranger- July 3,

Grown Ups 2, Pacific Rim- July 12,

Red 2, The Conjuring- July 19,

The Wolverine, Stranded- July 26,

The Smurfs 2- July 31,

2 Guns- August 2,

Percy Jackson: Sea of monsters- August 7

(*Dates via

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