Early New Year’s Resolution


   It may not even be December, but if you take a look around Athens, Ohio, Christmas lights have adorned the cobblestone streets for weeks. Wreaths hang alongside them to spread holiday cheer. This I must say is one of the best times of year, and not just because us college students get a winter break. Since some stores started selling fake Christmas trees before Halloween was over, aka Hobby Lobby, I figured why not get an early start on my new years resolution?

If you are unfamiliar with Ohio University (also known as one of the most magical places on earth, according to myself), we have a state of the art recreational facility here on campus, Ping Center. I have decided to make the effort to attend Ping regularly, and I mean besides my twice a week visit during a campus tour for  prospective students. It is commitment that really matters in this case. Putting all temptations aside, and hanging the picture of the Victoria’s Secret model on your mirror with the words.. MOTIVATION. Those three and a half months until spring break also creep up a lot faster than expected. So, the major factor here is time, do I sleep the extra hour, or wake up early and jog on over to Ping? At least it’s all down hill right? Do I squeeze in some gym time between class, or grab a snack and do some homework? There are never enough hours in the day… unless you’re sitting through a dry lecture and can’t get out fast enough.

Of course the typical gym experience goes like this: Drive to Ping with a girlfriend, because the work out doesn’t start until we arrive right? You absolutely cannot go alone, the larger your posse of girls, the better. The best is when you get your boyfriend or boy friend to come along so he can show you the ropes. When in reality you just take the opportunity to observe the other males in the room. I don’t mean this in a provocative manner, perhaps you’re just laughing a little inside at the funny faces these guys make and how they stare in the mirror more than you do. You also realize you should probably buy some of that energy powder with those cool blender ball containers so you look like you really know how to work out. After arriving, you take ten minutes trying to find a locker, because of course, everyone else decided to work out at your Ping time. Make sure you have your headphones, preferably the new ear pods and your Iphone 5. Set your favorite Pandora station and find an elliptical, maybe a treadmill if you’re feeling ballsy. You try not to get a treadmill next to the tiny brunette speed running uphill without a drop of sweat.  After making it through about twenty or thirty minutes you are now drenched in sweat from some great cardio. Now time to tackle the dreaded abs. At least you can use all the moves you learned in P90x ab ripper x. When finished, you might just gain up the courage to step on the scale, but make sure it’s the one in the weight room that reads five pounds lighter.

That completes your successful workout, for the first week at least. Maybe one day you will be a regular, and actually rent a locker at Ping. Now what you eat for dinner is another story. Keeping up with a workout routine surely gets easier the more you stick with it. I figure, start now and by the time I “start” my new years resolution, I will be in full workout mode. It helps to have a motivator, or work out buddy to keep you on the right track. Also, I have found that the right music to pump you up is a game changer. I personally favor “Birthday Cake Radio” on Pandora for my work out jams. Once you start, you will feel the burn the next day, but in a good, “it’s working” kind of way. All it takes a little motivation to take the first step.

Disclaimer: These are merely my own experiences at the gym. May yours be much improved.